Butt Weld Reducer Tee

Butt Weld Reducing Tee
Butt Weld Reducer Tee

The Butt Weld (BW) Tee (Equal Tee and Reducing Tee) has a 90-degree branch and a straight line pipe that will provide a connection to install another device for the pipeline systems. Buttweld tee is widely used in petroleum, aerospace, pharmacy, chemical industry, metallurgy, electric power, military industry, engineering support, and other industrial pipelines.
Buttweld reducing tee or bw reducing tee has the same structure of the T shape, but the size of the 90-degree branch is smaller than the diameter of the straight-line pipe. Therefore to install a smaller size pipe or fittings. The branch diameter is smaller than the main diameter. The reducing tee is usually described as NPS diameters We manufacture Galvanized Buttweld reducer tee, Stainless steel (SS) Buttweld reducer tee, Carbon steel (CS) Buttweld reducer tee, MS Buttweld reducer tee, Alloy Buttweld reducer tee, Nicked Buttweld reducer tee, Duplex stainless steel (DSS) Buttweld reducer tee, Super Duplex stainless Steel (SDSS) Buttweld reducer tee and Brass Buttweld reducer tee.
We manufacture Buttweld reducer tee as per ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, DIN,etc.
We export Buttweld reducer tee to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-east, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.
We are manufacturers and suppliers Buttweld reducer tee since the year 1971.

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