Swivel Ring Flange

Swivel Ring Flange
Swivel Ring Flange

Swivel Ring Flanges facilitate the alignment of the bolt holes between the two mating flanges, a feature that is helpful in many circumstances, such as the installation of large diameter pipelines, subsea and offshore pipelines, pipe works in shallow waters and similar environments.Swivel flanges suit oil, gas, hydrocarbons, water, chemical and other demanding fluids in petrochemical and water management applications. In the case of a large diameter pipeline, for instance, the pipe is fitted, at one end, with a standard welding neck flange, and with a swivel flange at the other end: by simply rotating the swivel flange on the pipe, the operators can achieve a perfect alignment of the bolt holes in a way easier and faster way.

We manufacture Galvanized SWIVEL FLANGE, Stainless steel (SS) SWIVEL FLANGE, Carbon steel (CS) SWIVEL FLANGE, MS SWIVEL FLANGE, Alloy SWIVEL FLANGE, Nicked SWIVEL FLANGE, Duplex stainless steel (DSS) SWIVEL FLANGE, Super Duplex stainless Steel (SDSS) SWIVEL FLANGEand Brass SWIVEL FLANGE.

We manufacture SWIVEL FLANGE as per ASME B16.5, ASME B16.47, DIN,etc.
We export SWIVEL FLANGE to United States (USA), Canada, Germany, Japan, France, Middle-east, Bangladesh, Nepal, etc.
We are manufacturers and suppliers SWIVEL FLANGE since the year 1971.

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